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Aromasin is a steroid or drug implied on the breast cancer patients whose cancer has progressed even after therapeutic implication of Tamoxifen. Aromatase, the main component enzyme of Aromasin converts androgens to estrogen hormone. It is not just the medicine for cancer patients but the people who are on anabolic steroid also use the medicine to counter the estrogen side-effects.
People can buy steroids with bitcoin but it would be better to know the compositions of this steroid to counter the primary effects. Aromatase is collected from the urine of post menopausal women and used to counter estrogen among women with advanced cancer. As it has been mentioned, the bodybuilders can also use this steroid to counter all sorts of estrogen related side effects as this anabolic steroids tend to break testosterone and initiate such side effects.
For treatment of cancer the dosage should be followed as per the prescription of the physicians. However, the bodybuilders may buy steroids online and keep on using to counter different side effects caused by water retention in their body. The usual dosage of this steroid is prescribed as 6.25mg per day to the patients.
How to use
Usage of this steroid depends on the prescription of the doctors. The users should be aware of different changes in their body during the time of administering this medicine. Aromasin hardens the fat tissues to mix them up with muscle tissues to give the body a puffy look. Water retention and fat build up may look the body puffy and strong but increased heart rate during working out may turn fatal if not countered at right time. For women with cancer it has been reported that this medicine lowers serum estrogen a lot in regard of countering with cancerous cells.
Side effects
Light headedness, skin rash, nausea and swallowed glands are some common side effects of this steroid. Other than these side effects the users should be concerned about their irregular heart rate and water retention of body. It would be better to contact the physician over any sort of growing uneasiness to prevent any fatal outcome.
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