TREN E 200

TREN E 200

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Trenbolone enanthate is a long esterified drug with a high androgenic and anabolic effect. Trenbolone enanthate produces IGF-1, an important body hormone for the body. This is important for every cell in the human body. 19-What anabolic steroid is the same family as Nandrolone. Do not overdose at first use and check for signs of progress. High-grade anrogen for women. This steroid is an effective, anabolic, effective, hard-looking, medium body fat removal, also ideal for attaching a very large muscle. Trenbolone Enanthate red blood cells have some properties such as elevated protein synthesis, nitrogen retention schemes, removal from the center and minimization of glucocorticoid steroids.Trenbolone is not suitable for second treatment.

Trenbolone Usage: For 8-week treatments.

Athletes weighing 70-80 kilograms can take Trenbolone 300mg in the first 4 weeks for the next 5-8 weeks. However, we recommend usually 40-50 mg proviron throughout your treatment to stabilize your libido. The use of Proviron helps testosterone hormones bind to and bind to cells in a better way. So your own hormone level does not fall much.

Athletes weighing 80-100 kilograms will start with 300mg for the first 4 weeks, 400mg for 5-6 weeks and 500mg for the last 7-8 weeks. This time we recommend you to get 75 mg proviron per day. If you have a condition such as gynecomastia, you can get 2.5 mg letrozole per day. 500mg of Trenbolone users can be very aggressive.

In the first 4 weeks, 100 kg of athletes is recommended to be 500mg after 5ogram8 weeks after 400mg.

Trenbolone Do not consume too much salt and sugar, you can defeat your heart, unnecessary fat accumulation slows the blood pumping and makes more effort to pump blood hearts.

Combined: You can use more power with Deca or Boldenone to have muscles like steel. Trenbolone It is a force, its density and stiffness bring extraordinary results in terms of mass. It is well combined with Winstrol, Dianabol and Testosterone mixture types and is effective to inflate cures.

We recommend that you use the Cabaser against the increased prolactin hormone in Trenbolone use.

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